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Start Planning for Retirement Before Selling a Dental Practice

DDSmatch has been successfully connecting dentists’ present with their future for over ten years. A major factor in our success are our proven processes, which are continually revised with new information from each dental office transition that we facilitate. With our Practice Optimizer Experience, we not only help doctors plan for a successful dental practice […]

Should I Consider Selling My Dental Practice to a DSO?

Why You Need a Dental Practice Transition Specialist when Considering a DSO Offer Dental service organizations (DSOs) are a much discussed topic when it comes to selling a dental practice, as they have become an increasing presence in the operation of practices across the country. If you have a large practice (meaning $1.5 million or […]

Dental Associateships: Why They’re Good for Young Doctors and Established Practices

A dental associateship can be a great step on your path to dental practice ownership. For recent dental school graduates, or even doctors with a bit more experience, it gives an opportunity to increase your hand speed and build up your skills. You can learn from more experienced colleagues about both providing dental care and […]

Why it’s a Good Idea to List Your Dental Practice for Sale in 2021

Recently, Todd Garfinkel, of DDSmatch Mid-Atlantic, spoke with Matt Howard, a dental CPA, certified business valuator, and Senior Manager at Blue & Co.—one of the nation’s top accounting firms specializing in healthcare—to discuss the current state of dental transitions and whether now is a good time to list a dental practice for sale. Their conversation […]

How to Build Value and Prepare to Sell a Dental Practice

If you are like many older dentists, 2020 may have left you wondering whether it’s time to retire. While that is an understandable question to have right now, there are a lot of factors to consider before you sell a dental practice. Acting hastily can jeopardize the potential value of your practice. However, with a […]

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Dental Practice

Buying a dental practice is a monumental moment in a doctor’s career. You find yourself feeling excited about the prospect of owning your own practice and all of the possibilities that come with it. However, you may also find yourself feeling overwhelmed and possibly mystified by the process. There are a lot of factors to […]

Why You Need a Dental CPA When You Buy a Dental Practice

When you want to buy a dental practice, the most important thing is to be prepared with all the right questions. There is a lot of discussion in business transactions around “due diligence.” This is simply a comprehensive appraisal of a business transaction conducted by you, the prospective buyer, to establish the true value of […]

Retirement: When to List Your Dental Office for Sale

When you own a small business such as a dental practice, planning for retirement involves much more than putting aside money in a retirement account. Knowing the current market trends in dentist retirement is an important first step in knowing when to list your dental office for sale.  Statistics from the ADA specifically serve as […]