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Transitioning On Your Terms
(Practice Optimizer Experience) 


Too often, dentists work their whole career, hoping they have enough to retire on, but don’t  have an idea of what groundwork needs to be done before they get there. Those who have a plan, and have been working on that plan, find themselves in a much more advantageous position when they get to the point in their career that they are ready to retire.

How Far from Retirement are You?

At DDSmatch Mid-Atlantic, many of our clients are three to seven years out from retirement. To take advantage of that time, we have created the Practice Optimizer Experience to help them be ready for a transition at the time of their choosing. As we see it, that is our role as dental practice transition specialists, to give you options.

Have You Thought About What You Will Do When You Retire?

What do you want to do with those years? When we ask these questions of our clients, the ones with a quick answer—travel, fishing, golf, or even staying active in dentistry but not relying on it for income— those clients tend to be more prepared, ready to take that next step. If you haven’t yet thought it through, we’re happy to take the time to help you find the answers to those questions and start putting together a plan to get you where you want to go.

The Benefits of Planning Ahead

A dentist who transitions their practice in the right way can look forward to a longer life, with less stress, and money in the bank. With the Practice Optimizer Experience, we can help you make your plan, get prepared, and find the high point where you can get the most out of your dental practice transition, and the most out of your retirement years.

Here at DDSmatch Mid-Atlantic, our satisfaction comes from hearing our clients talk about their retirement experience, what they are doing, and how much they are enjoying it. That’s when we know we’ve done our job well. 

Prepare a Dental Practice for Sale in 3-7 Years

DDSmatch has been successfully connecting dentists’ present with their future for over ten years. A major factor in our success are our proven processes, which are continually revised with new information from each dental office transition that we facilitate. The Practice Optimizer Experience continues this tradition. If you are thinking about placing your dental practice for sale, this program can be invaluable to you as you prepare, plan, and prioritize for your future transition