Our speciality is making your dental practice transition as smooth and rewarding as possible. Our benchmarks for success are your unique, individual goals being fulfilled.

If you’re considering transitioning your practice for any reason, selling your dental practice is an important life event. In a lot of cases, the doctors we work with have more than just their lifestyle goals in mind. They’re concerned with the continued wellbeing of their patients, staff and often their communities. They want to ensure that the buyer has the clinical skillset and personality to successfully carry on their practice. When we really get down to it, our clients are concerned with preserving their professional legacy.

We have refined our Trusted Transition Process® over many years of experience with helping dental professionals transition out of their practices. We don’t represent buyers, and we’re not just brokers – we’re transition professionals. Our focus and expertise is entirely on helping you in whatever way best matches your individual goals and needs.

Ten Things to Do Before You Sell a Dental Practice

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10 Things to do Before You Sell Your Practice


Practice Sales and Mergers

Professional and confidential approach using our Trusted Transition Process®. We assist dentists seeking to sell their practice or join into a partnership by setting clear expectations up front and completing a thorough due diligence process that helps them avoid surprises and ensure a smooth future for all parties.

In-Depth Marketplace Knowledge

Simply put, we know the dental marketplace and we understand how this industry works. If you’re unsure whether this is the best time to sell or want to know what to really expect throughout this process, we provide an expert guiding hand.

Transition Planning and Design

The best transitions are well-planned far in advance. This is a critical decision point in your life, and we understand the extraordinary personal and professional value in a successful transition. Let’s discuss yours today!


Analytics-Driven Practice Valuation

Knowing how much your practice is worth can be one of the hardest aspects of selling. We utilize a top-ranked, certified, independent accounting firm to provide a solid, defensible dental practice valuation so you can move into your transition with confidence.

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